No-Rosion Lubrication System Passivator

90% of engine damage occurs during startup! 

This type of damage can be particularly bad for cars which have been stored for a period of time, since all of the oil in the lubrication system settles to the pan. This leaves little, if any, of the oil's protective surface film on pistons, cylinder walls, cams, bearings, crankshafts, and valve guides.

This lack of surface film protection on engine components also causes one other particularly serious problem for stored cars: CORROSION! Moisture and oxygen from the air accumulate inside cylinders allowing the corrosion (or "oxidation") process to occur on cylinder walls.

Acids from the byproducts of combustion also remain behind on cylinder walls and other components, thus accelerating this damaging process.

No-Rosion Lubrication System Passivator is a patented formula that combines with engine oil to form a high-strength, passive (non-reactive) surface film that protects the surfaces of cylinder walls, pistons, cams, bearings, crankshafts, and valve guides.

Using an extremely resilient, molecular-thin, iron-phosphate surface film, it reduces the coefficient of friction during startup so metal-to-metal contact does NOT damage components during the critical time before 100% oil pressure is achieved. Because passivated metal surfaces are also resistant to oxidation, the product also prevents the formation of damaging iron-oxide coatings which result from wall corrosion.





Bearing in motion (at left) shows oil separating surface. 

The parts virtually ride on a thin surface-film of oil. 

Bearing with engine shut off (right) shows metal-to-metal contact.


It is important to note that No-Rosion Lubrication System Passivator is not an engine treatment, nor is it a superlubricant. The very concept of superlubricants is of questionable scientific validity. It also does not contain "mystery" additives, nor does it contain teflon, zinc, graphite, colloidal suspensions, or PTFE - all of which have some undesirable side effects, including the clogging of oil filters. And importantly, it contains no chlorinated parrafins, which can actually increase the process of cylinder wall corrosion over the passage of time due to their low pH properties.


This 100% petroleum product was originally developed by our industrial chemical division for use in large industrial compressors (with cylinders having bores and strokes in excess of one foot!) which often sit idle during seasonal down-time in manufacturing facilities. Many times these parts were dismantled to prevent corrosion build-up, and sent away for polydyne heat treatment, a process that costs thousands of dollars. No-Rosion Lubrication System Passivator provides many of the same benefits of polydyne treatment, at a small fraction of the cost.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Before using product, shake bottle very well, as some settling does occur. (Note: The 16 ounce bottle contains 10 ounces of liquid, with void space for shaking.) For best results, add an entire bottle after every oil change. Especially before prolonged down-time or storage periods.





DID YOU KNOW...   No-Rosion was in the cooling systems and fuel systems of fifteen award-winning classics at the 2023 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance!

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