HyperKuhl High Performance SuperFlush

Maximum heat transfer is absolutely vital to high performance vehicles in order to prevent detonation and hot spots in the cylinder heads that make it necessary to retard engine timing, robbing you of horsepower and performance.

More often than not, high performance and racing vehicles don't require, and often are not allowed to use, antifreeze in coolant. While this is good from the standpoint of temperature efficiency, as water conducts heat far more effectively than does glycol in antifreeze, it can cause problems.

Hardness in water drops out of solution, and causes buildup of efficiency-robbing scales and deposits. And the byproducts of combustion make their way into coolant within engine cylinder heads to reduce the pH of coolant, which causes corrosion and system damage. Because there is no antifreeze present, the coolant lacks the ability to buffer coolant pH, and corrosion is accelerated. This forms tiny rust particles that can accumulate over time, and eventually reduce coolant flow through radiator tubes -- which eventually leads to overheating.

Developed specifically for high performance, high aluminum content cooling systems, HyperKuhl SuperFlush has been formulated to be:





100% SAFE for YOU, THE USER, as it won't cause irritation of eyes or skin,

100% SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, as it can be safely flushed to drain,

100% SAFE FOR YOUR COOLING SYSTEM, as it is fully-inhibited and does not contain any strong acids,

100% SAFE FOR ALL METALS, particularly aluminum, as it's pH is neutral,

100% SAFE FOR PAINT, as sometimes splashing occurs during the coolant flush process.

Tests show that flushing with HyperKuhl High Performance Radiator SuperFlush optimizes the performance of HyperKuhl High Performance Radiator SuperCoolant, allowing it to provide maximum temperature reduction and system cleanliness. This is particularly the case if you are beginning to use HyperKuhl SuperCoolant in a system that has previously been neglected, and is already heavily contaminated.

Not sure whether to use HyperKuhl SuperFlush or No-Rosion Flush? The answer is simple. If your cooling system is composed primarily of aluminum or lightweight alloy components, to include lightweight racing radiators or high-dollar aluminum cylinder heads, then HyperKuhl SuperFlush is your product of choice.  This is because it provides extra protection for sensitive aluminum and alloy metals. On the other hand, if your system is composed of cast iron, with a copper/brass radiator, then No-Rosion Flush is your product of choice. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: With engine off and cool, open radiator drain petcock and drain coolant into container for proper disposal. Close petcock, pour entire contents of HyperKuhl SuperFlush into radiator, and fill cooling system with water. Replace radiator cap, start engine, turn heat on high, and run for 10-15 minutes. Turn off engine, allow to cool, open radiator drain petcock and drain/flush the system thoroughly. Can be safely flushed to drain without any environmental concerns. Close petcock, refill cooling system with straight water. Replace radiator cap, start engine, and run again for 10-15 minutes. Turn off engine, allow to cool, drain/flush as before. Fill cooling system with mix of antifreeze and/or water coolant. Replace radiator cap. For best results, add HyperKuhl SuperCoolant after flushing the system, as the metal surfaces inside the system are now cleaned and primed for optimal heat transfer performance and complete corrosion protection.





DID YOU KNOW...   No-Rosion was in the cooling systems and fuel systems of fifteen award-winning classics at the 2023 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance!

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